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Second Street Classroom in Leominster, Massachusetts


Meet The Directors

Ms. Brianna — Learning Center in Leominster, MA

Ms. Brianna - Assistant Director


Teeny Tiny Turtles


Mrs. Nayda and Ms. Jenn

Ages 6 Weeks - 15 Months

Shape: Circle

Colors: Blue and Green

Themes: Carnival, Zoo and Dinosaurs

Author: Jane Yolen

Happy August to our Tiny Turtles!

This month we will be making dinosaur hand prints and making zoo animals with our feet! We will also be reading Jane Yolen books this month! We have some fun sensory activities planned for the infants as we introduce them to different textures like play dough, whip cream and flubber in ziplock bags to avoid having the children put these items in their mouths.

Please remember to apply sunscreen to your child in the morning before they arrive to school. Also, remember to let us know in the morning how your child's night was to keep the lines of communication open. We hope everyone has a wonderful and warm August!

Tiny Tots

Ages 12 Months - 20 Months Old

Happy August,

This month our curriculum themes are carnival, zoo and dinosaurs. Our color of the month is green and the author of the month is Jane Yolen! We will be practicing counting to 10 with the children and learning our shape of the month which is the circle.

Last month we enjoyed playing with water on the beautiful, warm days that we have had. We would like to welcome some new friends to our classroom, Rivelo, Melina and Silas who are adjusting very well and making new friends! We want to say goodbye to our friends Mason, Charlotte and Claire as they transition to the Bumblebee classroom with Ms. Lexi.

We will continue to work on nice touches, using our spoon/fork to eat, cleaning up and sign language. Our sign language words for this month are dinosaur, more and thank you!

The Wacky Wobbler


Ages 20 mo.-2 yrs. old

Welcome August!

July was a very busy month for us! We enjoyed many water play activities outside in the hot weather! We played with water table and had so much fun! We also enjoyed having lots of freeze pops to help us cool off! We also went on a picnic outside with our classroom which was also fun! We are continuing to work on sign language, self-help skills and learning our colors.

This month our themes are zoo, dinosaurs and summer fun. We will be reviewing numbers 1-10 and our shape of the month is the triangle. We would like to welcome Connor and Avery to our classroom! Also as a few reminders please make sure your child has sunscreen applied before they arrive in the morning and also make sure that your child has two snacks with lunch each day.

Have a happy August!


The Bumblebees

Ages 24 mo-3.4 yrs old

Happy August!

We want to first welcome some new friends to our classroom: Nick, Kailin and Charlie! The children have been working really hard on their sign language, using their words and nice touches. We've been having so much fun outside with the water table and the sprinkler!

This month we will be learning about the zoo and all of the animals that are in the zoo! We will also talk about camping and the carnival! We will even make s'mores! Please feel free to come and visit our classroom at any time! We want to make sure that you know what your kids are up too each day!

Themes: Carnival, Zoo, Camping

Colors: Green and Yellow

Author of the Month: Jane Yolen


The Little Learners


Ages 2.9 years old-4 years old

Happy August Little Learners!

As summer continues on we have been enjoying being outside and having water play! We also have welcomed some new friends to our classroom: Jayla, Eleanor, Nakyalise and Owen. There are still more transitions to come but we will do our best to make them as minimal as possible. We want to also remind parents that every Thursday will be show and tell day which will allow the children to bring one special toy from home that they can show and share with their friends.

In the classroom, we will continue to work on color, letter and number recognition. We also have seen great improvement with the children as far as their self-help skills and cleaning up. Our themes for this month are fairy tales, nursery rhymes and educational review of letters and numbers.

The Adventurers

Ages 4.5-6 years old

Hello Friends,

It has been so hot lately and we have been enjoying it so much! We have been doing pipe cleaner fishing, bubble prints, water table, sponge relays and parachute games. You may have also noticed some changes in our classroom! We were very fortunate to receive a grant from the state of Massachusetts for our participation in QRIS. We have a new light table, STEM science/math center, sensory table, new couches and dress up clothes! We are so happy.

Even outside things have changed as we now have a new fence, new mulch and new toys! This month we will be taking a field trip to the Splash Park on Friday, August 11th. Please make sure that your child has a cold lunch and bathing suit and towel on this day.

We will also continue with our color show-and-tell that we do every Wednesday. This month our colors are white and black. We hope everyone has an awesome August!