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Second Street Classroom in Leominster, Massachusetts


Meet The Director


Teeny Tiny Turtles


Ages 6 Weeks - 15 Months

Shape: Clover

Colors: Green, Orange and Black

Themes: Baby Animals and St. Patrick's Day

Author: Dr. Seuss

Welcome to March Turtles!

This month we will be talking about baby animals and St. Patrick's Day. We will be making Dr. Seuss hats and letting some of the older kids finger paint. Our author of the month is Dr. Seuss, our colors of the month are green, orange and black and our shape of the month is the clover!

We will be learning new sign language words this month! They are fish, cat and egg. We also want to wish Eliyus a happy 1st birthday! We are so happy that the weather is getting warmer. We will be going outside on sunny days so please make sure your child has appropriate outdoor weather that will not be too hot or too cool.

We are so happy that our little turtles continue to work hard at sitting up, crawling, standing and some of them are even starting to take steps! It is so important that we work with our infants so that they continue to progress! We thank all of our families for their continued support!

Have a great March!

Tiny Tots


Ages 12 Months - 20 Months Old

It's March Tiny Tots!

Last month we enjoyed playing with snow in our sensory table and had lots of fun at our Friendship Fruit Party! We want to thank all of our families that contributed to this party! The children have been doing so well working on art activities and playing together! Our themes for the month of March are St. Patrick's Day, baby animals and farm animals. Our author of the month is Dr. Seuss, our colors of the month are green and yellow and our number of the month is 7.

The weather has been very warm lately and we have been going outside daily! Please make sure that your child has appropriate clothing and shoes. The children learn from so much from outside play. They learn to balance, run, increase their gross motor skills and enhance their fine motor skills.

We want to invite all parents to stop by and visit our classroom at any point! The children are working so hard and they love when you come to see their work! Let's have a great month of March!

The Wacky Wobblers


Ages 20 mo.-2 yrs. old

Welcome to March!

This month we will talk about different animals! We will be learning about farm animals, zoo animals, dinosaurs and ocean animals. We will learn how to identify these different animals and their sounds through songs and pictures. Our themes for the month are animals. Our author of the month is Dr. Seuss and our color of the month is green. We will be reviewing our numbers 1-10 and our shape of the month is the oval. We will also learn new signs this month, they are fish, cat and egg.

We will be having a special Green Day on 3/16/18 and we will be eating a special green treat! Please make sure your child wears green on this day! We would like to start helping children who have pacifiers move away from not needing to use them. Please let us know if you are ready to do away with them and how we can help. If you are potty training your child please let us know what we can do to help.

Let's hope everyone has a great March!

The Bumblebees


Ages 24 mo-3.4 yrs old

Themes: Friendship, Dental Awareness, Valentine's Day, All About Me

Colors: Red and Pink

Author of the Month: Sam McBrantney

March comes in like a lion!

February was such a fun month for us. We did a lot of art projects using our colors of the month which were pink, red, purple and white. We made Valentine's Day hats to wear to our Friendship Party! We want to say thank you to all of our parents that donated snacks! The children really enjoyed them and all the cards.

This month are themes are St. Patrick's Day, Easter and baby animals. Our author of the month is Dr. Seuss. We will also be taking a field trip to BB Kidz sometime this month, please see Mrs. Madeline for details.

We will continue to work on sign language, colors, shapes, numbers and letters. We will also be working on and completing your child's progress reports this month. If you would like to speak with us about your child's progress please set up a personal meeting or phone conference with us!

Have a great March!

The Little Learners


Ages 2.9 years old-4 years old

Little Learners March is here!

Last month the children learned about the importance of brushing their teeth and keeping them clean! They learned about foods that are good for their teeth and what foods are bad for their teeth. The children also enjoyed passing out Valentine Day cards to their friends.

This month our themes are Dr. Seuss, rainbows, dinosaurs and baby animals. We will be learning about our letters A-Z and our numbers 1-10. We are so happy that the warmer weather is finally here and we have been going outside. Please make sure that your child has the appropriate clothing so that they may be comfortable while they play.

The time has come for us to update your child's checkpoints in our Teaching Strategies assessment tool. We use this tool to show you how your child is progressing in our classroom! Please see Ms. Elizabeth if you would like to see your child's progress report or if you have any concerns.

The Adventurers


Ages 4.5-6 years old

Hello March,

Last month we learned about dental hygiene. The kids really enjoyed scrubbing dyed eggs with toothpaste to make them clean. We also flossed in between play dough teeth and painted with floss too! We want to thank everyone who brought items in for our Friendship Day! We had so much fun sharing Valentine's and making our projects. We also did some friendship painting and heart size sorting.

Next we spent a short week learning about the five senses. The kids really enjoyed our taste test with bitter, sweet, sour and salty. We did some painting with scented paint and sorted between soft and hard items. We finished the month by learning about fire safety. We finger painted fire, counted dots on our fire dogs and designed our own badges. We also talked about how to dial 911 for emergencies.

We want to make sure all of our families are conned via the SmartCare app! If you are not receiving our classroom notes we send via SmartCare please see one of the teachers ASAP. We will be using this application to send out notes! This month are themes are Dr. Seuss, Rainbows and Dinosaurs. Our letters of the month are S, T and U and our color of the month is green.

Let's have a great month!

Important Dates:

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Monday, April 16th, 2018

Monday, May 28th, 2018

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