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Ms. Brianna — Learning Center in Leominster, MA

Ms. Brianna - Assistant Director


Teeny Tiny Turtles


Ages 6 Weeks - 15 Months

Shape: Rectangle

Colors: Orange

Themes: Family, Harvest, Community Helpers

Author: Lois Ehlert

Hello Infants!

Welcome to November! Our themes for the month are family, harvest and community helpers. Our author of the month is Lois Ehlert and our shape of the month is the rectangle. Our colors of the month are yellow and brown. We want to remind all of our parents that we will be closed on November 11th, 23rd and 24th.

We want to make sure that your child's belongings are properly labeled and stored in their personal storage space for use when needed! Please make sure that you let Mrs. Nayda and Ms. Brianna know if your child has a new item of clothing that you will be putting in their cubby for the day.

We will be making hand print turkeys in our classroom and playing with toy food. We will also be working on sharing with our friends and being gentle. We will also be celebrating our families this month and making photo collages of each member of our family. We hope everyone has a wonderful November!

Tiny Tots


Ages 12 Months - 20 Months Old

Welcome November!

Our themes for the month are family, harvest, community helpers and leaves. Our author of the month is Lois Ehlert and we will be reviewing our colors, shapes and numbers 1, 2, and 3 for the month. We will be having a Harvest Party in our classroom this month! Please make sure you see Ms. Tiffani or Mrs. Gaby for details and to sign-up to bring something in for your child to share with the classroom.

We want to remind parents that with the colder weather please make sure your child is dressed in the appropriate clothing. We do go outside daily so please make sure your child has an appropriate jacket, hat and gloves if needed.

We will also be making turkeys, birthday pumpkins, letter cards and leaves for our classroom bulletin boards! We want to thank all of our families that continue to contribute to our family share parties! You are a wonderful asset to our classroom and appreciate all that you do!

The Wacky Wobblers


Ages 20 mo.-2 yrs. old

Happy November to all of our Friends!

This month we will learn about our families such as who is apart of them, how many siblings we may have, if we have any pets at home and who is in our families. We know that family is very important to each and everyone in our classroom so it is important to know who belongs in our family as well.

We will also be working on nice touches, using our manner and playing well with our friends. We continue to practice saying please and thank you and being nice to friends. We also have been using sign language in the classroom as well!

This month we will be making a family collage, having a yummy feast for snack and exploring oatmeal in our sensory table. We will also be working on our fine motor skills by connecting legos and building with legos. We want to remind families that have not sent in family photos to please send them in if you have not done so already. Please make sure your child has a jacket for outside play each day.

Is everyone able to get on to the SmartCare parent app? If not, please make sure that we are aware so we can make sure that you are receiving your child's daily note and other media each day.

We will be closed on Friday, November 10th for Veteran's Day! We hope everyone has a great November!

The Bumblebees


Ages 24 mo-3.4 yrs old

Themes: Family, Harvest, Community Helpers, Leaves

Colors: Orange and Brown

Author of the Month: Lois Elhort

Happy November to our Bumblebees

October was super fun! We had a costume and pizza party and Trunk or Treat was amazing! We want to thank everyone who contributed and came to all of our events. We really do appreciate all that you do! The children worked on many different activities. We went on a leaf hunt, made a leaf collage, painted with orange and brown to make pumpkins and acorns. Please make sure to look around our classroom to see all the hard work your children have been up too! We will continue working on self-help skills, using our words, learning our colors, numbers and shapes and also on using the potty.

Our themes for the month are family, harvest, community helpers and leaves. We will be having a Thanksgiving Lunch on Wednesday, November 15th and there will be a sign up sheet on our door for any parent that wants to contribute. Our center will be closed on Thursday November 23rd and Friday, November 24th for Thanksgiving.

Please remember that the cold weather is here and that your child need to have a jacket daily to make sure that they are warm when they are outside.

We hope you have a great month!

The Little Learners


Ages 2.9 years old-4 years old

Happy Thanksgiving Learners!

Last month we had so much fun in our classroom talking about thing that change during the season. The children had fun decorating their own pumpkins and we continued to work on our self help skills, colors, numbers, and using our words with our friends.

Our themes for this month are families, Thanksgiving, harvest, the letters F, G and H the number 1-14. We will be working on all the colors this month and we want to remind parents that we will be closed on the following days this month:

Friday, November 10th for Veteran's Day
Thursday, November 23rd for Thanksgiving Day
Friday, November 24th for The Day After Thanksgiving Day

We also want to remind parents that we are a NO HEAT UP classroom so please make sure your child has a cold lunch or brings in a thermos to keep their lunch warm. Let's have a great November!

The Adventurers


Ages 4.5-6 years old

Hello November!

We are ready for some holidays and thankful time! We've had a great October and we are moving right along! This past month we enjoyed learning about fall leaves. The children painted with leaves and learned why the leaves change color in the fall. We also learned the three basic leaf shapes which are oak, maple and ash for the area that we live in!

During pumpkin wee we cut open a pumpkin and felt the insides, then we cooked and tasted the seeds. We made marble painted pumpkins and paper bag pumpkins too! We also counted pumpkin seeds and made our own Spookley the Square Pumpkin!

Creepy Crawley week was one of the kid's favorites! We made oobleck in our sensory table and spider webs. We also experimented with honey, painted with it and left it outside to see if it would attract any bugs!

Now that we are in November we will be changing back to our Letter of the Month Show and Tell! Each Wednesday your child will need to bring in something that begins with the letters G, H and I, which are our letters for the month of November! Our themes for this month are scarecrows, family, harvest, and fruits/veggies. Our color of the month is brown. We want to thank all of our parents who contributed to our Trunk or Treat Basket! Have a great November!

Important Dates:

School Closings

Friday, November 10, 2017-Veteran's Day
Thursday, November 23, 2017-Thanksgiving Day
Friday, November 24th-Day After Thanksgiving Day