Adventure Kids
Second Street Location
116 2nd Street
Leominster, Massachusetts 01420
(978) 534-8678
80th Street Location
80 Pleasant
Street Leominster, MA
(978) 514-0748
84th Street Location
84 Pleasant St, Leominster MA 01453
(978) 732-4005

A Fun Before and After School Program in Leominster, Massachusetts


Meet the Directors

KeshaPicsSept2015 470
Hayden — Learning Center in Leominster, MA

Mr. Hayden

Hayden — Learning Center in Leominster, MA

Ms. Carson


meet the staff



Hello School Age Families


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Pickup Reminder

A reminder for the parents that pick up is closer to 5:30. Parents should be trying their best to make it to pick up their children by 5:30.

THERE IS NO LONGER A GRACE PERIOD!!!! If you are showing up any later than 5:30 pm every day, then you will be charged an automatic $25 fee for 15 minute you are late (ex. 1-15min=$25, 16-30min=$50, etc). With that being said, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, as always please feel free to speak to Kesha at any time!