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Pre-Adventures Classroom in Leominster, Massachusetts


Meet the Staff

Ms. Vanessa — Child Care Center in Leominster, MA


Welcome to December!

Last month we had so much fun eating our Harvest Lunch with our families! We want to thank all of the parents who contributed to this lunch and made it so special for everyone to enjoy together. We also had a lot of fun walking to the park, visiting the library, and exploring our city and taking so many pictures. This month we will be decorating holiday sugar cookies and we would love to have any of our families come and join us!

Our themes for this month are the human body, staying warm and holidays/cultures around the world. Our letters of the month are J, K and L, our numbers of the month are 10,11 and 12 and our shape of the month is the star.

We want to remind all our our families that we will be doing our family conferences this month and if you would like to set up a meeting for your child to review where they are please see Ms. Kelsey or Ms. Kesha. We will be doing the conferences during the 2nd and 3rd week of December. Please let us know!



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