Adventure Kids
Second Street Location
116 2nd Street
Leominster, Massachusetts 01420
(978) 534-8678
80th Street Location
80 Pleasant
Street Leominster, MA
(978) 514-0748
84th Street Location
84 Pleasant St, Leominster MA 01453
(978) 732-4005

Welcome to Adventure Kids

Welcome to Spring!

Improve your child's chances for educational success with services from our NAEYC accredited day care and learning center in North Central Massachusetts. A locally-owned-and-operated facility, Adventure Kids offers child care from infant through school-age children. Please take a moment to check out all of our great programs such as:
NAEYC Logo — Learning Center in Leominster, MA

NAEYC Accredited

The National Association for Education of Young Children sets standards, regulations, and develops course curriculum to guarantee your child is receiving the best in education. As an accredited institution, we have the tools and resources need to see our philosophy through.


We are now "Going Green!" We are taking a conscious effort in helping our environment and we will be posting classroom newsletters, events, and notices online only!
Eco city — Learning Center in Leominster, MA
Group of children — Day Care Center in Leominster, MA

Second Street

At our Second Street site, we have video surveillance cameras in all of the classrooms that give access to the directors. Parents of children in the infant and toddler rooms can have a username and password to log onto a secure website and watch their child at school while they are away at work.

Before and After School Care

Our Before and After School site on Pleasant Street provides transportation to Johnny Appleseed, Skyview and Fall Brook schools, morning and afternoon, during the school year.
Happy and excited jumping kids — Learning Center in Leominster, MA
Sun Drawn — Day Care Center in Leominster, MA

Summer Camp

We also provide a summer camp that runs all summer long for school age children! Our camp lifeguard travels with us to ponds/lakes and we go on many fun and exciting field trips.

Our Mission

Here at Adventure Kids, we are very family oriented. We always have activities going on that include families, whether it is a classroom special snack, a school event, or something as simple as story time. Make us your child's home away from home.


Our Philosophy

As child advocates, we feel that it is a basic right of all children to grow and develop in an atmosphere of warmth, comfort, safety and cleanliness. Ideally, the child's home environment will provide this setting in which to challenge each individual child. However, when individuals must go outside of the family unit, we feel that a child care service should be selected that can provide these same needs to both families and their children. It is our hope and assured efforts that we are able to ensure that our families feel supported and nurtured as we work toward the unified goal of developing your child's educational, social and emotional needs.

Who We Are

Adventure Kids is a NAEYC accredited pres-school, infant and toddler program. We have been in production since 1986 and provide affordable daycare services to any families seeking care. We have just been selected for the 2014 Best of Leominster Awards for Recreation Camps. Our program provides a MA Standard enriched curriculum for all classrooms, as well as, a Teaching Strategies Assessment tool for all children. We hope that you take the time to come by and visit us, our doors are always open!